IFRS17 Series of On Demand Seminars

  • Fundamentals of IFRS17
  • IFRS17 for Life Insurance
  • IFRS17 for Takaful
  • IFRS17 for General Insurance

Starting 2021, insurance companies will be required to migrate to a new financial reporting standard known as IFRS17.

Moving to IFRS17 is expected to have a significant impact on accounting processes and systems and this will require actuarial input like never been seen before.
Irrespective of whether prophet or other software is being used there are an immense number of issues and decisions to be made and many grey areas to be understood.

The is a series of on demand seminars with the goal of bridging the gap between global ideas which have been presented quite extensively elsewhere and local issues and challenges.

As a start in this series, we will focus on the General Model which is used for non-participating products rather than the Variable Fee Model or the Premium Allocation Approach
for par products and unit linked which are basically extensions of the General Model. The series goes on to introduce the issues and challenges of Takaful as it relates to IFRS17.It then concludes with General Insurance with a look at Long Term General Insurance  and Takaful products and in depth look at calculations for Single Premium Long Term Houseowner Insurance.

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